The Nature's Aide Mission November 4, 2019 05:28

It always seems like a bit of a reach to talk about Missions statements. So often, it seems companies come up with statements that you can hardly believe people actually wrote down. So instead of giving you our mission statement in big bold letters, let me tell you how we decided to go in the direction we're driving. Then most importantly, tell you what we believe.

The back story is pretty simple. 1 out of every 2 Americans takes a daily supplement in this $21 Billion dollar industry that hasn't changed much since the 1920s. And two overwhelming problems have developed from the volume of consumption of supplements and the lack of change in the industry.

Too much of a good thing
Not to scare you, but 23,000 people went to the ER last year solely because of a reaction to a supplement(s) they took. That's crazy to us. That doesn't even include the number of people who got sick and didn't go to the ER or the people who are just doing long-term harm to their health because of their daily vitamin routine. It's a problem. And we're going to solve it.

The second problem is something the industry kind of likes, it's hope. Hope in a bottle. It's the optimism that vitamin C can prevent a cold. It's the faith that St John's Wort can calm your nerves. Never mind that many of the claims for supplements have not been proven, the hope is that it will work for you. And what harm can that really do (see paragraph above).

We think it is time for a change. Nature's Aide's thinks you're pretty smart and can make decisions for yourself, about your own health, if only you had the right information. So we want to empower you by giving you health monitoring tools that lets you know if your supplements are working or not. In some ways you do this already. You wear a Fitbit and track how many steps you take. You can monitor how well your sleep at night and learn more about what problems you might have. You can even track your calorie intake for weight loss. So why not track your supplement routine and make sure that is working as well.

I'll give you one example: Most people know that Vitamin D is good for them and that the sun has something to do with it. But they don't know how much sun or how much Vitamin D they need to take to make up for their lack of sun time. That's where Nature's Aide comes in. We have created an app that helps people monitor their vitamin D intake for the day.

Not sure how much sun you've received? We track it for you. Not sure you've got enough Vitamin D through your diet? We can tell you. And each day we can recommend the correct amount of D to take based on your specific needs. And if you don't need any vitamin D, we'll actually recommend that you don't take it. Really. And just to let you in on a little secret, it's only 20 minutes of full sun a day. That's all you need for your daily vitamin D. And we can monitor that for you. Why would we tell you not to take our product; because at the end of the day, we are more concerned about your health and empowering you with information about it, then anything else.

So our mission is pretty clear. It's about you, and empowering you with information to make decisions about your own health. In the supplement industry, we think this is a game changer… self-monitoring tools that empower people with knowledge about their own health and Nature's Aide plans to lead the charge. We look forward to your questions, listening to your concerns, getting your feedback and talking to you in the near future.

Our email address is contact@naturesaide.com. So please feel free to contact us directly and tell us your story and what you would like to see from us. Because at the end of the day, that's what matters most, you and your health. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ted Bremer
Nature's Aide, Inc